Fall Open Two Ball

October 26, 2014

2014 Fall Open Two-Ball

                                                               Tekoa C C

                                                                  Round 1 - October 26, 2014

   Tee #1     9:00 am                Tee #1     10:30 am                    Tee #10     10:05 am

    Josh Holt                                           Steve Prefontaine                            Gerry Banach

    George Holt                                      Paul Vincellette                                Dennis Rabtor

    Bill Fouche                                        Paul Laflamme                                Ken Wright

    Andy Hart                                         Bob Duffy                                        David Andrew Wright

Tee #1     9:10 am                   Tee #1     10:40 am                         Tee #10     10:15 am

    Jim Patterson                                    Nate Mercer                                      Pat Heintz

    Steve Flint                                         Mike Letner                                      Roland Roux

    John Ryan                                        Dennis Yarrows                                  Tony Chiba

    Fred Goerlach                                   TBD                                                   Kasiya Phiri

   Tee #1    9:20 am                  Tee #10     8:45 am                       Tee #10     10:25 am

    Connie Lombard                             Rich Leal                                           Steve Lefave

    Karen Savitt                                     Taylor Schmidt                                Mark Vincellette

    Ms. Susan Sendlenski                     Kristen Cragg                                    Lee Albertson

    Cheryl Salva                                     Paul Flebotte                                    Flash Edinger

  Tee #1     9:30 am                Tee #10     9:05 am                              Tee #10     10:35 am

    Dale Yvon                                         Chris Lapoint                                   Joe Wichowski

    Mike Wrisley                                    Don Lapoint                                     Robert Wichowski

    Keven Slyne                                     Mike Moran                                     Frank Villazante

    Joe Gorneault                                   Andy Hutton                                    Chris Grieder

  Tee #1     9:40 am                          Tee #10   9:15 am

    Todd Ezold                                       Frank Villazante III

    Todd Ezold Jr.                                  Scott Vose

    Hans Doup                                       Bernie Demeo

    Lawrence Galliot                             Jim Dickson

   Tee #1     9:50 am                  Tee #10     9:25 am

    Mike Gould                                       Jim Tinker

    Kevin Curry                                      Mike Slyne

    Scott Negrucci                                  Chris Ferriter

    Dan Jury                                            Joe Wilson

   Tee #1     10:00 am                 Tee #10     9:35 am

    Frank Spinella                                  Joe Curran

    Terry Prefontaine                            Joe Groth

    Kirk Tewksbury                               Dave Brosseau

    Pete Grimaldi                                    Pat Garvey

  Tee #1     10:10 am                     Tee #10     9:45 am

    Ron Jansen                                       Jeff Martin

    Doug Dowling                                   Scott Martin

    Mickey Donnachie                          Al Rossi

    Tom Santaniello                              Ted Leal

  Tee #1     10:20 am                    Tee #10     9:55 am

    Alan Blair                                          Bryan Begley

    Brian Oleksak                                  Dale Kratochvil

    Mr. Steve Mazza                             Tom Garvin

    Kevin Green                                      John Vurovecz

Tekoa's Fall Open Two-Ball - Sunday October 26

Entry Fee $90 per team - $60 TCC Members

Tee Times off of 1 & 10 from 9-11

Prizes 50-50 Cash & Certificates

Sign up today at eja@tekoacc.com



Monthly Calendar of Events

October 31, 2014

Tekoa C.C. Greenskeepers Revenge

November 9, 2014






 Sunday November 9th , 2014              Price Includes:

 10:00 Shotgun Start                        o Golf

 Four Person Teams                         o Carts

 Scramble Format                             o Buffet Dinner

 $240 per Team                                o Prizes

                                                          o A Lot of Fun!

Hole locations will be in some interesting locations and the tees may not be where you are used to.

Entry forms available in the Golf Shop and 19th Hole.


$240 per team.

Sign up today or for info email eja@tekoacc.com