9th Annual George Paiva Open Two-Ball

May 23, 2015 - May 24, 2015

Saturday May 23- Sunday May 24

Saturday 8:00-12:00 Tee Times
Sunday 9:00 Shotgun
$150 per Team - $100 T.C.C. Members
Carts are an additional $30 per player for both days

Entry Includes – 36 Holes of Golf
Prizes (50% Golf Shop/50% Cash) – 2 Days of Food
Burgers/Dogs on Saturday – Buffet Lunch Sunday

Email eja@tekoacc.com to sign up today!

Round 1 Pairings - Still Spots Available if you'd like to play!

Tee #1     8:20 am
Chris Lapoint
Don Lapoint
Alan Blair
Brian Oleksak
Tee #1     8:30 am
Mike Cove
Jim Dickson
Gary Rivard
Rich Leal
Tee #1     8:40 am
Bob Lareau
Mike Wrisley
Josh Holt
Zack Brown
Tee #1     8:50 am
Paul Flebotte
Donald Stjacques
Jeff Martin
Dale Kratochvil
Tee #1     9:10 am
Todd Ezold
Mike Trombley
Lee Albertson
Jason Edinger
Tee #1     9:20 am
Mr. Steve Mazza
Jay Nomakeo
Kristen Cragg
Mickey Donnachie
Tee #1     9:30 am
Bill Fouche
Andy Hart
Mike Moran
Kirk Tewksbury
Tee #1     9:40 am
Mike Slyne
Paul Vincellette
Michael Altobello
Fred Goerlach
Tee #1     9:50 am
Ted Leal
Al Rossi
Mark Balicki
Gregg Balicki
Tee #1     10:00 am
Rich Sutter
Tee #10     8:15 am
Joe Groth
Bryan Begley
Frank Fuselli
Charlie Vanasse
Tee #10     8:25 am
Jim Tinker
Tom Garvin
Tony Campaniello
Tom Tully
Tee #10     8:35 am
Dan Paiva
Steve Paiva
Stan Zomek
Bill Chisholm
Tee #10     8:55 am
Kevin Curry
Scott Negrucci
Jamie Frisbie
Ray Lacourse
Tee #10     9:05 am
Pat Heintz
Roland Roux
Dave Galczynski
Jack Blascak
Tee #10     9:15 am
John Lewis
Scott Martin
Kevin Wheeler
Russ Wheeler
Tee #10     9:25 am
Ron Gearing
Tony Schabowski
Tee #10     9:35 am
Ed Therian
Steve Therian
John Szarek
Steve Guzzo
Tee #10     9:45 am
Ken Davsion
Harry Willey
Ben Premo
Tony Gleason
Tee #10     9:55 am
Robert Wichowski
Joe Callahan


Aimpoint Golf Clinic

May 27, 2015

Ever wonder what these players are up to?

Aimpoint is revolutionizing the way players read greens. George Connor, PGA and Ceritfied Aimpoint Instrctour is coming to Tekoa for an Aimpoint Clinic on Wednsday May 27 at 5:30.

Great putting requires three core skills. You need to be able to roll the ball on the line that you intended, roll the ball at the right speed and be able to accurately predict how the ball will curve as it is rolling to the hole. If you only have two out of these three, you are destined to only being an average putter.
For many golfers, reading the green has been a mystery. I don’t blame you! There are a lot of legends and myths around golf about why the ball breaks a certain way. We hear about grain, water, setting sun etc. There has been a system for the last 6 years that gets rid of all the mystery and reduces green reading to a fact finding process. You may remember seeing the “Fidelity Aimpoint Line” on the Golf Channel. The technology used to put the graphics on television is a system that you can learn in only a few hours.

The Aimpoint Express read is ridiculously easy to learn and with a two-hour class you can learn to use it on all putts. It doesn’t matter if there is one break or two, long or short, Aimpoint Express will identify for you which way and how much a putt will break. There are no charts or special preparation that you need to do and it will work on any golf course.

On May 27th, George Connor will be here at Tekoa Country Club to teach you how to use this system. George is a Certified Aimpoint Instructor and in the last four years has taught green reading classes all over the East Coast. The cost of the two hour event is $200 per person. Email eja@tekoacc.com for more info or to sign up.

Fore more information on Aimpoint click here: http://aimpointgolf.com/

Open Singles Event

May 31, 2015

Back by popular demand!


6th Annual Open Singles

May 31st -

Tee Times beginning at 8:00. Gross and Net Prizes by Divisions.

Sign Up Today by emailing eja@tekoacc.com or call the Golf Shop at 413-568-1636 ext. 1

Entry is $40 walking or $50 with cart. Member entry is $20.

Past Champions:

2010 - Bird Leal  - 72

2008 - Alistair Catto & Todd Ezold - 68

2007 - Alistair Catto - 69

2004 - Jim Ruschioni - 70


Monthly Calendar of Events

November 30, 2015