2016 Club Championships

August 13, 2016

Saturday AM Tee Times

Sunday AM Tee Times with Leaders off Later

$30 Entry Fee – Directly into Prizes

Tekoa C.C. Members or GHIN Members Eligible

BLUE TEE DIVISION – Handicap 3 or Less or optional – Please sign up accordingly

All other divisions will be based on handicap and play from the white tees.

Four Club Champions will be identified.

2015 Tekoa C.C. Club Championship Results

Saturday and Sunday August 15-16

 Club Champion-                   Todd Ezold                          - 143                

Net Club Champion –           Kyle Dulude                          -129                

Senior Club Champion –      Ron Gearing                          -170                       


Championship Flight


Low Gross-                                        Todd Ezold                72-71                           143                  $200

2nd Gross-                                           James Patterson        76-69                           145                  $80

3rd Gross-                                           Lee Albertson            70-76                           146                  $60

T 4th Gross-                                        Steve Lefave              75-74                           149                  $40

                                                            Bryce Piemonte         75-74                           149                  $30


1st Flight


Low Gross-                                        Scott Martin                                       141                              $80

2nd Gross-                                           Don St. Jacques                                 148                              $45

Low Net-                                            Steve Prefontaine                              134                              $80

2nd Net-                                               Keven Slyne                                       143                              $45


2nd Flight


Low Gross-                                        Frank Fuselli                                     155                              $80

2nd Gross-                                           Bob Lareau                                        159                              $45

Low Net-                                            Tony Campaniello                             140                              $80

2nd Net -                                              Kasiya Phiri                                       141                              $45

3rd Net-                                              Chris Hourihan                                 144                              $30


3rd Flight


Low Gross-                                        Miek Moran                                       159                              $80

2nd Gross-                                           Bill Fouche                                         160                              $45

Low Net-                                            Jesse Arkoette                                    136                              $80

2nd Net -                                              Andy Hart                                          138                              $45

3rd Net-                                              Al Rossi                                              146                              $30


4th Flight


Low Gross-                                        Mike Moran Jr.                                 171                              $80

2nd Gross-                                           Chris Lapoint                                    179                              $45

Net Club Champ -                             Kyle Dulude                                       129                              $200

Low Net-                                            Mike Sulivan                                      145                              $80

2nd Net-                                               Bill Chisholm                                     147                              $45




Low Gross-                                        Ron Gearing                                      170                              $90

Low Net-                                            Don Lapoint                                      141                              $45

2nd Net -                                              Stan Zomek                                        148                           [nbsp

Summer Junior Golf Programs

August 15, 2016

Summer Junior Golf Clinics -Ages 8 to 13 and all skill levels invited

1st Session

Monday thru Thursday-July 18th - July 21st 

9am-11am – Ages 8-13

2nd Session

Monday thru Thursday August 15th - August 18th 

9am-11am – Ages 8-13

Please sign up in advance. Minimum of 5 children per age group to host

$40 for one session              -            $70 for both


Sessions for 14-17 age groups will be held on Tuesdays from

$50 per person for the summer. Beginning Tuesday June 28.

The Tekoa Country Club Interclub Team will be chosen from this group of players as well. The Interclub team will play against other clubs from the area and will have matches as The Orchards, Longmeadow, Twin Hills, Wyckoff, Crumpin Fox, Springfield, and the Ledges.


Questions: eja@tekoacc.com




For girls 7-14 interested in learning about golf and taking up the game; you do not need to be playing now (this is a free introduction to golf)


Clinic dates

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016


(more to follow including team competitions later this summer and fall)


Tekoa Country Club, Westfield

6:00  p.m.


     Clubs can be provided if needed.


Parents; please go to the gigl website (Girls Independent Golf League; if there is interest, parents in Western Mass can become affiliated with gigl to help promote girls playing golf


To register, call 413-824-6424 or email to Terryblanchard113@comcast.net


Monthly Calendar of Events

November 30, 2016