11th Annual Spring Open Two-Ball

April 26, 2015

11th Annual Spring Open Two-Ball


    Tee #1     8:30 am                Tee #1     10:00 am           Tee #10     9:45 am

    Tom Tully                                         Kristen Cragg                                    Ike Purington

    Tony Campaniello                          Jeremy Beltrandi                             Chris McElligott

    Andy Hutton                                    Peter Smist                                        Aaron Wheeler

    Mike Moran                                     Dale Kratochvil                                Pat McGuire

     Tee #1     8:40 am                  Tee #1     10:10 am                         Tee #10     9:55 am

    Scott Martin                                     Doug Linder                                      Ray Lacourse

    Jeff Martin                                        Abe Vasquez                                    Dan Bacon

    Clement Fucci                                  Bill McGinn                                      Bob Lareau

    Kyle Dulude                                      Kevin Brennan                                 John Lewis

   Tee #1     8:50 am                   Tee #1     10:20 am                         Tee #10     10:05 am

    Don Lapoint                                     Paul Flebotte                                    Chris Ferriter

    Eric Dewey                                        Donald Stjacques                            Mike Altobello

    Brian Oleksak                                  Jamie Frisbie                                     Jim Dickson

    Alan Blair                                          Alex Mello                                        Flash Edinger

Tee #1     9:00 am                Tee #10     8:35 am                                 Tee #10     10:15 am

    Al Rossi                                             Jim Byrne                                          Andy Hart

    Ted Leal                                            Steve Lavoie                                    Bill Fouche

    Pat Heintz                                         Andy Rogers                                     Mickey Donnachie

    Roland Roux                                    Bruce White                                      Bernie Demeo

    Tee #1     9:10 am                Tee #10     8:45 am                            Tee #10     10:25 am

    Kevin Curry                                      Mike Korpita                                    Fred Goerlach

    Scott Negrucci                                  Dan Korpita                                      John Ryan

    Terry Prefontaine                            Andy Dimauro                                 Mike Slyne

    Steve Prefontaine                            Mike Cove                                        Paul Vincellette

    Tee #1     9:20 am                     Tee #10     8:55 am

    Kevin Green                                      Dave Smith

    Jay Nomakeo                                   Paul Buttafuoco

    Green                                                 Bob Loguidice

    Mr. Steve Mazza                             Dave Corcoran

     Tee #1     9:30 am                     Tee #10     9:05 am

    Joe Gorneault                                   Steve Lefave

    Keven Slyne                                     Tom Garvin

    Bob Lottermoser                             Rich Leal

    Dennis Rabtor                                  Jim Tinker

   Tee #1     9:40 am                         Tee #10     9:25 am

    Dave Longhi                                     Mike Bergeron

    Joe Curran                                        Guest Bergeron

    Joe Groth                                           Andy Fernandes

    Corey Fisher                                     Chris Courchesne

    Tee #1     9:50 am                   Tee #10     9:35 am

    James Omasta                                 Todd Ezold

    Rick Bradford                                  Mike Trombley

    Adam Dasilva                                  Mark Chylinski

    Cole Morrison                                  Mike Delgrande


Tee Times Starting at 8:00 AM.

Kick Off your Competitive
Season early this year!!!!
Men’s and Women’s Divisions!
Low Entry Fee! Great Competition!

Entry Fee: Two Ball $110 Per Team ($70 Members)
Includes: Golf - Cart and Prizes (50% Cash)

GROSS and NET Prizes will be awarded. Player must have valid USGA Handicap to win a net prize.

Divisions created by combined team handicap. High player on each team will only be able to be 8 shots over low player.

Sign up: 413-568-1636 eja@tekoacc.com


Defending Champions:

Blue Tee Division

Gross -Mike Trombley - Todd Ezold - 68

2nd - Dave Lapierre - Jarrod Goss - 70

1st Div.

Gross- Jim Tinker - Jamie Frisbie - 69

Net - Robert and John Wichowski - 62

2nd Div.

Gross - BIll Fouche - Frank Fuselli - 70

Net -Kevin Brennan - Bill McGinn - 62

3rd Div.

Gross - Jeff Puffer- Matt Lapinski - 74

Net -Brian Oleksak - Alan Blair - 60

Bill Mateychuk Open Scotch

May 9, 2015

3rd Annual Bill Mateychuk Open Scotch

9:00 Shotgun

18 Hole Switch Tee Shots then Alternate - Two Player Teams

$60 per player  - $40 Members

Golf - Cart - Buffet - Prizes (50% Cash)

Gross and Net Prizes by Division .

Divisions created by team combined. High player on team will be adjusted to 8 shots of low player if neccessary.

SIgn Up Today eja@tekoacc.com


Defending Champs

Champ Div-

Gross -Keith Ornelas - Ron Humphrey - 66

Net - Paul Vincellette - Steve Prefontaine - 62

1st Div-

Gross -Peter Smist - Dale Kratochvil - 71

Net - Mickey Donnachie - Ken Wright - 62

2nd Div-

Gross - Sue Sendlenski - Cheryl Salva - 77

Net - Kyle Dulude - Clem Fucci - 63.5



Greater Westfield Junior Golf League

May 21, 2015

Tekoa Country Club and other local golf clubs and youth groups are proud to present the 2015 Greater Westfield Junior Golf League.

In 2013, we started this league with four facilities. Tekoa Country Club, East Mountain Country Club, Westfield YMCA, and the Westfield Boys and Girls Club. The league consisted of 4 teams and 50 children. Both Boys and Girls, beginners and intermediates. It was very enjoyable for both the children and the staffs. This season we are looking for more children and more facilities. If you have a child interested or are a facility that would like to participate please contact one of us ASAP as we are starting to register children and discussing new facility options. Ages 8-13 Boys and Girls of all skill levels are welcome.

Cost per child - $125

6 week evening program

1st Practice is Thursday May 21 - 5:45 at Tekoa

1st match is Sunday May 31 - 6:00 at TBD (TCC or EMCC)

email eja@tekoacc.com


We are just starting to get the 2014 league off the ground if you or someone you know may be interested email E.J. at eja@tekoacc.com for more information.

Print this flier for more information

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November 30, 2015